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I have been taking Hemi, my 2 1/2 old Sheltie / Retriever mix dog to Lyric for her entire life, right from her first groom. If I ask Hemi, do you want to go see Lyric?  she gets so excited she can hardly stand it. Lyric is so nice to Hemi and is always happy to see her when she comes in, which makes Hemi even more excited to be there. When I leave Hemi for a groom, I am confident that she is in exceptional hands and being well taken care of. Michelle & Hemi

a note from Michelle & Hemi

Thank you so much for the amazing spa treatment yesterday! I feel like a brand new girl! I have been showing off my new bandana to everyone I meet on walks! My dad is happy with my short nails! And my mom loves how nice I smell! I was a bit nervous at first, but you made me feel safe and comfortable in no time! I'll be sure to tell all my friends about you! I look forward to seeing you again some time soon, Alice Alice

a note from Alice

I have been taking my Bichon Frise (Daisy) to Lyric Pauley for many years. When I tell Daisy that she is going to see Lyric, she runs straight for the garage door, and has no interest in eating her breakfast (which normally, she devours in seconds). Lyric is not only an amazing groomer, but she is also an artist at heart. I have gotten so many compliments on how beautiful Daisy looks and feels. Katie & DaisyDaisy

Daisy & Katie speak up

My master loves the way I smell! You did a fabulous job and I feel and look soooo much better. Thank you, and my master says she loves your house and wishes you all the best!! Til next time, your fuzzy client. Walle Walle- Eve

message from Walle