Donna Smith

Donna_2Donna Smith’s love affair with dogs started early.  Her childhood home was energized by poodles, Siamese cats and a sundry array of visiting pooches.  Her interest in the canine species became serious once she decided to breed Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.  Enter her house now and you will be greeted by a sea of lovely furry honey coloured Wheatens, enthusiastic to make you feel welcome.  Donna has been breeding  Wheatens for over 15 years; she combines extensive knowledge, research, common sense and experience to inform her decisions about nutrition, exercise, temperament and socialization.  She applies this no nonsense, simple approach to make sense of the myriad of choices presented to pet owners today. Come in and tap into this wealth of knowledge and experience!

Lyric Pauley


Lyric Pauley combines her artistic skill with her love of dogs when she sculpts her furry friends into sophisticated masterpieces. Experienced in the latest trends in canine beauty, Lyric can make your pet into a movie star.  Let her pamper your pet with care and sensitivity. Lyric is one of the co-owners of the Village Pet Food Shoppe as well as the owner/groomer of ShamPoochies Pet Grooming, now part of the Village Shoppe. She has been grooming since 2005 after studying grooming with Nancy Bryson at Bryson Academy of Grooming. Lyric is a huge animal lover and so when the opportunity arose to purchase a local pet store business she knew it would be a great fit. She loves spending her day at the store grooming dogs and chatting with all the customers. She has extensive knowledge about pet health and grooming as well as diet and behaviour. Her dog Bentley is a regular at the store, coming in just about every day. He takes his greeting job very seriously and enjoys all the attention. Although Lyric’s roots go deep in the Waterloo area, Elmira is the community she chose to build her business and devote her volunteer time, including helping to create the township’s dog park.

Kristy Franklin

Working in a pet store is a great fit for an animal lover like me.  I love seeing a dog recognize me at the store and even when I am out on the street. No, I don’t carry treats in my pocket when I am not working, they have to come and see me at the store to get one!  Doing this job for the past 10 years or so, I have met many people and their critters.  Being involved in this community with Ringette, Hockey, working in the concession at the Woolwich Memorial Centre and at Tim Hortons has help shape me into the great customer service worker you see today! I have had many pets growing up, everything from fish, a bearded dragon, gecko, rabbits and yes many dogs: English Springer Spaniel, Brittany Spaniel, plus 4 Dachshunds.  I would love to own a Portuguese Water Dog.  My favourite dog breed beside Dachshund would be a Great Dane! So gentle! I am the type of person who is interested in your dog.  Watching an owner’s face light up when I inquire is the best part of my job! We keep ourselves up to date on the latest science behind all of our products. Ask us about nutrition, training, and even the psychological needs of your pets, we can help!

Megan Dunne

Megan Dunne has worked at Village Pet Food Shoppe since 2015.  Megan attends the seminars offered by the pet food manufacturers of the premium brands we carry. These seminars explain the science behind the food.
Megan has first-hand experience and knowledge about pet nutrition and care as her family currently owns a St. Bernard named Sophie, and a two-year old cat named Gracie. She graduated from high school in 2017 and will be attending  University of Waterloo in the Environment, Resources and Sustainability program this September.

Stacey Scott


Hey everyone, I’m Stacey Scott, but just call me Stace. I was born in Mount Forest and raised in Southgate,  or the middle of nowhere. The Village Pet Food Shoppe with Shampoochies has enriched my career path.  I found my passion for grooming in 2010 during a co-op semester at a local groomers in Mount Forest. I later became hired there and this energized my enthusiasm for the trade. In 2014, I enrolled in a grooming course at the Pets Beautiful School of Styling in London and graduated March of 2015. The atmosphere and clientele of Village Pet Food Shoppe is more than I could have ever imagined, I am at home here.


Bentley is a 9 year old golden retriever who has been working as Store Greeter and Dog Toy Tester since the grand opening. He enjoys his new job very much and takes it very seriously. He tries his best to make every customer feel welcome. He says the hardest part of his job is not sneaking treats when mama Lyric isn’t looking. The best part of his day is when the children come in to play with him. He is happy to be the store greeter and to be paid in treats and new toys. So far, the hedgehogs are his favourite toy and the bully’s are his favourite treat, but he is very open to trying all the new products as they come in!